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Why I Create Art

My art is a way to dream. A fantastical, whimsical way to look at different genres or even at times, slightly darker subjects. I love exploring with different themes for series or stand alone pieces. Certain pieces carry meaningful subjects, such as my Nature vs Machine drawing that incorporates two leopards ready to fight. One leopard is steampunk, pumped full of poisons and mechanical parts and the other, consumed by vibrant flowers, leaves and vines. This particular piece is to demonstrate the effects of the human impact on our natural world.

I hope to create work that is interesting, inspiring and unique. I have to say that steampunk is one of my favorite styles to create, it has an old, vintage and mysterious vibe about it that makes you want to know more about its world. I am also greatly inspired by my home state, being that it is Florida and very sub-tropical. I do lots of flamingos, tropical plants and the odd hibiscus flower here and there. My work does not have a set aesthetic as many artists have, I believe that we should not limit ourselves to one thing, be it medium, subject or style.

Inspire, Create and Dream

About Me

I am a self taught artist who shared time growing up in England and America. I have always loved to draw, paint and experiment with different ideas and concepts. I now live in Florida where I am especially inspired by the subtropical world around me. It is my dream to continue art for the rest of my life.

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