What is Patreon

Patreon is a monthly membership site where I can offer drawing and painting tutorials for as little as $5 per month. It’s a more exclusive way for you to view my work and see behind the scenes of the canvas! It offers ways for you to support me as an artist and get fun rewards back. So it’s a win-win for everyone! My Patreon allows me to be more up and personal with my followers, and I can give back to my community, all while being able to pay the bills so I can keep on creating for everyone.

$1 Aporia Angel

This tier is my cheapest and is pretty much for people who like my work and want to show their support! You get:

  • Access to my feed
  • Participation in polls to help me decide what to paint next

$5 Lemniscate Love

This gives you access to exclusive videos and audio files along with an insight to how I work! You get:

  • All previous tiers
  • Demos/small art tutorials
  • Podcasts
  • Process shots of my work

$10 Akureyri

This tier is so you can build and closer relationship and community with me! You get:

  • All previous tiers
  • Access to my sketches/drawing/illustrations
  • Livestreams
  • Art&Chat videos
  • Studio Vlogs (Behind the scenes)
  • Art challenge!

$25 Rising Ghosts

This tier gives you a surprise! You get:

  • All previous tiers
  • A surprise bundle that includes a high quality 8×10 print, an art card and a sticker!

$95 Feline Mysteries

In this tier offers something handmade by me! You get:

  • All previous tiers
  • An original illustration in my signature style either on 11×15, 9×12, or two 6×9 paper mailed along with your surprise bundle!
    • Plus a handwritten postcard with my work on it.

$620 Ultra-Violent Lullaby

The commissions tier!!

  • All previous tiers (excluding Rising Ghosts and Feline Mysteries)
  • An original 18×24 framed painting in my signature style and shipped along with a handwritten card!