Coffee Owls

My coffee owl mini series was simply inspired by an adorable barn owl and one of my favorite artists. I really wanted to push my focus on to some different creatures, especially owls! I loved seeing these mystical birds when I lived in England. They remind me of my time spent wondering around the moors and forests when I was young. Owls have such an ancient feel, as if they took part in another life. They don’t call them wise for nothing.


My Homeland series explores my English upbringing and past. I wanted to paint the creatures of my childhood that I have made so many lasting memories with. I remember watching the deer on the moorlands calling out to each other in their eerie howls. The glimpses of red as the foxes scuttled away deep into the forests, and the beady eyes of the lumbering badgers wondering through the undergrowth. Wild Exmoor ponies run free across the hills, while the owls and jackdaws watched on. I wanted to pair each creature with a native flower or plant, to add to the serenity and beauty of each piece.

More will be added!

Death has Wings

Coming soon!