Cat Series

My characterful cat series was first inspired by an asian fusion restaurant that opened next door to the gallery I live paint at. And being a cat lover I decided to combine the idea of asian foods and cats eating in very expressive ways. The series was a huge hit! So from that stemmed a whole range of ideas with cats eating and drinking or doing humanistic things such as reading. It will definitely be an on-going series with cats in different scenarios or interacting with each other in comical ways.

More coming soon!

Coffee Owls

My coffee owl mini series was simply inspired by an adorable barn owl and one of my favorite artists. I really wanted to push my focus on to some different creatures, especially owls! I loved seeing these mystical birds when I lived in England. They remind me of my time spent wondering around the moors and forests when I was young. Owls have such an ancient feel, as if they took part in another life. They don’t call them wise for nothing.


My Homeland series explores my English upbringing and past. I wanted to paint the creatures of my childhood that I have made so many lasting memories with. I remember watching the deer on the moorlands calling out to each other in their eerie howls. The glimpses of red as the foxes scuttled away deep into the forests, and the beady eyes of the lumbering badgers wondering through the undergrowth. Wild Exmoor ponies run free across the hills, while the owls and jackdaws watched on. I wanted to pair each creature with a native flower or plant, to add to the serenity and beauty of each piece.

More will be added!

Floridian Beauty

Florida is now where I reside, and it has also been a place where I feel the most at home with. Having explored my English up bring and past, I wanted to focus on the place I now call home. Many people view Florida as sunshine, beaches, and the ocean, but I want to show the real side of it. The sunshine state is a vast expanse of plains, wetlands, swamps, and forests. This is the true side of Florida, and I want to explore the beauty within the wildlife that dwells there. The beautiful sunsets and violent storms I grew up around. Watching the herons patiently wait for their next meal by the lakes. Hummingbirds zipping from flower to flower, inspecting every inch. Sunlight streaming through the Spanish-moss hanging from the trees. This is the true beauty of Florida, a place of wild serenity.

More coming soon!